A brave new world for the 21st century.

If Huxley and Orwell identified the problem, Kavenna shows us the technology that enables it. The problem of course is how a big brother, a dominant power, could control society. A brave new world and 1984 present us with the faits accomplis. We are not quite sure how such states of affairs, as horrible as they are, arose in the first place. Kavenna gives us a clue. We are the problem, we humans. Our insatiable desire for devices that measure us, track us, guide us and so forth will ultimately undo us. Why? Because the data then available to the service provider can be used to influence, and then control, us. So, who are the service providers that might ascend the giddy heights of such power over us. Take your pick: Google, Amazon, Alibaba. Throw in a compliant government, unwilling to take on the strength of the largest tech companies, and the stage is set. Enjoy!

Link to book: https://www.waterstones.com/book/zed/joanna-kavenna/9780571245154

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