The worlds of humankind and AI grow ever closer.

Little-known fact: there are over 150 non-human influencers operating online. These influencers are not particularly intelligent chimpanzees and parrots and so on. These are virtual influencers. And many of them have tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of human followers. The way the technology works, they become more and more proficient over time. In many respects, they are faster and range more widely than any human influencer could. This is not an idle experiment. They work, and they work because their human followers respond emotionally to them. This is a form of intimacy. Moreover, in most cases, the human understands exactly what they are doing, ie having a sustained relationship with an artificial being. Be in no doubt, the world is changing. We are learning to live with a new life form, one that will ultimately be every bit our equal.

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