Reality is reality is reality.

The most important point in Chalmers’ new book is that what we (subjectively) experience is what we experience. We cannot experience anything else. So, if it turns out that our experienced reality is a simulation (cf The Matrix), then that is OK. In other words, consciousness can only work with what is there. And, if what is there is simulated, then consciousness will happily work with that. Virtual reality (as in VR machines) is a little different for the time being. Today’s VR machines cannot simulate certain bodily functions like eating and drinking. But there is no reason why we will not in the future be able to hook somebody up to a permanent nourishment drip and colostomy bag. We can then leave them to live their life almost exclusively in VR if that is what they want. For some people, that will be better than their real, physical reality. Next step after that, uploading your mind to a computer – we’ll see.

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