What’s new? Autonomous weapon systems. Not really.

Apparently, Ukraine is using drones with visual recognition capabilities. This means that in theory they could strike at targets autonomously, although that step has not been confirmed. Campaigners against such weaponry claim that Ukraine’s allies will baulk at the use of autonomous lethal drones. Hardly. The US and the UK, Ukraine’s principal backers, have already developed such weapons themselves. Loitering munitions have already carried out autonomous strikes in other places such as Libya and Armenia. This cat is out of the bag. Discussions have been taking place at the UN with a view to outlawing such weapons. No chance. The leading military nations on all sides are not going to give up this capability for fear of being at a serious disadvantage in a conflict.

Link to article: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2327965-efforts-to-regulate-killer-robots-are-threatened-by-war-in-ukraine/

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