Artificial general intelligence is on the way and we ought to think about it carefully.

This book is a long and meandering read. But it makes some good points, as you would expect from a man who was Hanson Robotics’ chief scientist. Goertzel believes that AGI will emerge by around the middle of this century. Whilst dismissive of Terminator-style outcomes following the development of AGI, he thinks that we ought to try to develop AGI that loves us. He is also doubtful that having AGI in corporate ownership is the smart way forward. It is astonishing that these issues are discussed so little in the public forum. Imagine that you woke up to discover that one of America’s big tech firms had developed AGI. Artificial superintelligence would follow very quickly and it would be under the sole control of a multi-billionaire. Our only hope would that the ASI would elbow the multi-billionaire aside. And that’s probably not very comforting either!

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