Love needs to be at the heart of artificial superintelligence.

Gawdat, former chief business officer at Google X, joins the AI experts worried about the existential risk from artificial superintelligence. He completely dismisses the idea that we will be able to directly control ASI. The answer lies in imbuing it with the right values. The premier value is that of love. We must find a way of getting ASI to love us. His proposal is to develop ASI lovingly, in the same way as a good parent loves their child. There may be different perspectives on the achievability of this methodology. But, whatever one’s perspective on that, it is sobering that someone of Gawdat’s background kicks our plans to control ASI so firmly into touch. It is hard to dismiss the idea that ASI must have the right values or else our own future is looking rocky.

Watch out for my own book on this topic, coming out this autumn/fall – The sentient robot: the last two hurdles in the race to build artificial superintelligence.

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