Reality – it’s all in your mind.

The article describes a new theory that says that there is no universe, in reality. Rather, there is just you, in the form of your mind. What you experience, x, at any given instant gives rise to a certain probability that you will experience x+1 at the very next instant. The mathematical formulation of this is called ‘algorithmic information theory’ (AIT). It has a ‘distinctly Bayesian flavour’. AIT predicts that this framework will give rise to the overall experience of a universe that is just like the one that we seem to actually experience. This includes all the laws of physics too, including quantum mechanics.

This line of thinking has emerged from the still unexplained mystery of ‘consciousness induc[ing] wave function collapse’ in the context of quantum systems. If it can do that, then maybe subjective experience is actually creating the reality that we think we perceive and that that reality does not exist in reality.