We need to think about how we and advanced AI are going to live together.

The thrust of Greve’s essay is that we should focus on how we are going to live with the robots of the future. He pleads with us not to get hung up at this stage on whether sentient robots should have a particular type of moral status. This is a pragmatic approach that points us towards a very real question. How can we ensure that we shape advanced AI research so that ultimately advanced AI benefits us rather than harming us? Since, in the West at least, most AI research remains in the private sector, its direction is ungoverned and largely unmonitored. The advantage of this is that governmental bureaucracy has so far not got in the way of discovery. At a point, though, we are all going to have to think a lot harder about what sort of a world we wish to see develop.

Link to article: https://www.philosophersmag.com/essays/247-nietzsche-and-the-machines

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