Machine learning has yet to grow up.

Machine learning is like a primary school child. It has mastered some tasks with terrific results but there is still a long way to go before it qualifies as an adult. New research from Canada succeeded in tricking computer vision AI into wrongly classifying certain easily identifiable objects in a room. It labelled an elephant as a chair. The reason is that AI is not yet good enough to deal reliably with the unexpected, in this case an elephant in a sitting room. In fully functioning form, such AI relies on feed-forward architecture. Humans, however, have the common sense to twig that something looks odd. They then have the ability to go back and take a second look. Imagine that computer vision in a driverless car made such an error; that could be lethal. So, back to the drawing board. Machine learning will grow up eventually but it still needs a lot of parenting in the meantime.

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