Blending AI with ethics will be a real tough nut.

There is always a small number of really difficult questions that confront society. They tend to bounce back and forwards between the legislators and the electorate before finally settling down. One such is euthanasia, or assisted suicide. This has become a major topic. That stems from the ramp-up in the number of old people in society. It also stems from our increasing ability to prolong life despite attendant suffering. Well, another such question concerns sexbots. Should they be permitted? Won’t they desensitise those who use them? Might already low rates of human reproduction in developed countries fall further? Is that a good or a bad thing? If sexbots are permitted, should there be limits on what they can do or what they look like? Where is the data to decide either way? The technology is advancing so rapidly that the necessary ethical and socio-political discussions are lagging way behind. AI ethics continues to be a minority pursuit. Maybe we need to revisit that.

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