Craft and care fight back against a world currently dominated by the cognitive.

Goodhart accurately diagnoses the reasons for the political upsets in the West of recent years. He attributes these to a shift over two generations towards so-called Head work. This type of work, exemplified by the professions, relies on cognitive abilities rather than caring or craftsmanship. Work based on the latter comprises so-called Heart and Hand work. Not only have they lost out in terms of income, but they have also lost out in terms of status and respect. This loss of status and respect has really driven the political restructuring of the West in recent years. The future of work is at stake. Goodhart believes that there will be a shift back in favour of Heart and Hand work as technology hollows out the professional classes. The twist will be the continuing emergence of a tiny class of tech super-rich, who will lord it over the rest of us. You know who they are! Maybe that will not matter. I am not so sure.

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