As AI becomes more human, it grows stronger.

Supervised machine learning has made great strides in recent years. For a start, it has revolutionised games-playing. More useful for everyday life, it permits machines to recognise faces and objects. Such abilities can massively speed up mundane tasks. But such supervision absorbs human time. Moreover, it creates quite specific outcomes and/or achieves quite specific goals. Human intelligence is much more flexible and ultimately, therefore, still more powerful. Researchers have come up with a way for AI to move in that more general direction. They are developing ever more ingenious ways to endow AI with curiosity. In the literature on emotions, one of the most powerful primary emotions is that of ‘seeking’. This is the emotion that gets us out of bed in the morning, so to speak. It drives us to explore the world and discover new things, some of which turn out to be highly beneficial. Algorithms now exist to enable AI to do the same thing. Another step towards AGI, Artificial General Intelligence.

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