Humans really are alarmingly inconsistent in their judgements.

It is hard to see why we would trust most people’s opinions if we had an alternative decision-making methodology. That does not just apply to every-day judgements. It applies to the vast majority of judgements and decisions made by experts and professionals. Not only are such judgements individually suspect. At least as alarming is the fact that institutions in which we repose trust are capable of reaching wildly inconsistent conclusions. These conclusions concern important matters and they simply depend upon which individual in the institution takes the decision. It is high time we got over ourselves and used the power of AI to take as many judgements and decisions as possible out of human hands. Clearly, this transfer of power would have to be subject to continuing human oversight. Better that than the current, flagrantly inconsistent human approach to decision-making. That has the capacity to damage people’s lives on a daily basis.

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