Mid-term report on AI paints a cooperative picture.

The story here is that AI will work most effectively if it is in cooperation with humans. Take military drones. They do all the hard work spotting the enemy. A human operator can then decide whether or not to push the button. It sounds simple. Yet, take semi-driverless cars and it is not so simple. Handing control back to the human driver if the AI has a problem is often not feasible in an emergency. Fully autonomous cars therefore look like a better bet, but they are not yet wholly reliable. They cannot employ common sense. In many other cases, if AI has crunched the data, why would a human feel feel confident enough to overrule it? And understanding why AI reached a certain answer is another conundrum. Truth is, it is too early to tell.

Link to article: https://www.ft.com/content/bcd81a88-cadb-11e8-b276-b9069bde0956

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