The future will be about the relationship between AI and humans.

This excellent article describes how we have only just begun to scratch the surface of developing the AI of the future. We must design such AI to work with humans. Human beings are intensely social. A technology with the potential power of AI in the future will collide with humans unless it fully understands and respects human motivations. It must see the world through our eyes.

There are two reasons for this conclusion. The first is self-evident. Unless AI is designed to cooperate fully with humans, then it will not work effectively in our human world. For example, autonomous driverless cars without a strong understanding of the myriad ways in which human drivers and pedestrians work will make mistakes. The second reason, not explored in this article, is that the very powerful AI of the future better be designed to cooperate with humans. Otherwise, the two will conflict. In that scenario, it is not obvious that the humans will win.

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