This may be the way forward to artificial general intelligence.

Researchers have developed a rather intriguing piece of software going under the name of Paired Open-Ended Trailblazer. POET is a digital framework enabling virtual bots to experiment and to learn in a variety of training scenarios. The difference is that POET, within certain constraints, designs the training scenarios and monitors the bots at work. In essence, one AI (POET) is developing another AI (the bots). This may not sound like much but it is. For a start, one of the ways that artificial general intelligence might turn itself into artificial superintelligence is by altering its own design. POET is a forerunner to that idea. At least as importantly, though, is that POET might be one step along the way to developing AGI in the first place. The point is that we may need to develop AI that can work out how to develop AGI if we cannot do that ourselves. Developing truly general AI is turning out to be really hard to do. We may need AI’s help to do it.

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