New research suggests jobs won’t be safe from AI after all.

There are too many thought pieces out there suggesting that AI and robotics of the future won’t reduce jobs. Their argument goes, highly advanced AI won’t kill jobs; it will create new jobs. That is complacent wishful thinking. Just because new technology has correlated with the development of new jobs in the past does not mean that it will in the future. The whole point about highly advanced AI is that it will possess artificial general intelligence. Allied to advanced robotics, it will be brighter, fitter, faster and more capable than any human being. Even that old favourite, hairdressing, will be done better by an advanced AI. Of course, that will replace jobs. Moreover, any new jobs that might crop up will be able to be done better by the advanced AI as well. This brave new world won’t happen tomorrow, but it will happen at some point. Try out the tool:

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