We must wake up and ensure that advanced AI serves human needs.

A recent survey has found that over of third of computer scientists believe that AI might ultimately lead to humankind being wiped out. Naysayers might retort that that means almost two thirds do not believe that this risk exists. That would be very complacent. When such a significant minority of experts believe in the existential risk of a phenomenon, it must pay to listen. If the risk were not existential, one might think differently. For example, if a third thought that advanced AI might exacerbate the harm caused by social media, one would note the point and probably move on. But existential risk is just that; it is about whether humankind survives. The answer is to listen and to pay much more attention to how advanced AI research is monitored and directed.

Link to article: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/a-third-of-scientists-fear-judgment-day-from-robots-sl28j2ts2?ilc=timesradio:morefromthetimes

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